We are a family band. We play what we like and like what we play. We play out 4,5,6 times a year. Katherine - 15 - plays keys, guitar, harmonica and sings. Jackson - 19 - plays sax, guitar, drums and keys. Dad plays guitar and does some singing. We do a fair bit of political stuff and have played at peace rallies and other events. Its a great family hobby. Give it a try! Regarding the site name - theJkirks was catchy and available but is not a universally loved name around here. By way of background we are part of a large extended family and the families are referred to by the initials of the Dad's/Uncles. T.Kirk, A.Kirk, B.Kirk, P.Kirk etc. So we are the J.Kirks. We are having fun. And we would love to hear from you.