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Kirk Family Band: Music

Better Than That

Felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked to my right
Not sure if it was woman or the start of a fight
She said weren’t you the guy who was here last night
I said this is where I spend all my time
She saud I got to sit diwn would it be alright I said
Yeah it would be just fine.

She said you got to do better than that.

So then I got all charming and she cut me some slack. But
I got to admit I was surprised when she asked me back.
I’ll also admit that I was rusty, it had been while
I ‘d like to say the same for our time.
She brushed back her hair and she said with a smile
Boy you nearly blew my mind.
But you can do better than that.
You’ve got to do better than that.

Well I did and about the next morning was a breakfast of love.
She was the moon and stars I was the sun above.
We went to some resteraunt saw this friend of mine he said who in the hell are you with
I said yeah, he said you’re kidding, I said it’d been awhile
He said how long could it have possibly been
You’ve got to do better than that
You can do better than that

If you live with woman who loves you then you’re living right.
My friend ended up dieing lonely and it serves him right.
I got this hand on my shoulder and I know its right
Got a whole head of living in time
Got my ears full of loving got her eyes to shine
Got my woman got my friend got my sign
And it doesn’t get better than that
No it doesn’t get better than that.
No it can’t get better than that
How could it get better than that.