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Kirk Family Band: Music

Will You Know My Name

Will You Know My Name

Decided to go back living out of state.
Had this thought of you and I was on my way.
Just walked out and left my bills unpaid.

Sitting alone on an Amtrak train
sliding along through the pouring rain
talked to myself have I gone insane.

Oh will you know my name
Oh oh girl will you be ashamed
Oh oh will it be the same.

Hurt my back getting off that train
Took a cab to your house
“man you can keep the change”
stood out front wondering why I came.

Oh oh will you know my name.
We had only two short days.
Lived all out lives to play those games.
I’m the one you could not tame and I bring fire in this rain
Pictures flying through my brain
We made out choices long ago and far way.
What could I possibly expect you to say.
“It was all good in its own way.” Oh

You know my name,
why make you feel ashamed
and why change now we’ll just walk away.

I you know my name,
Oh no one is to blame,
Thank you just the same.