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Kirk Family Band: Calendar

 September 12, 2008 Lincoln Street Coffee Newton Highlands MA
 September 12, 2008 Lincoln Street Coffee Newton Highland ma
June, 2008 Village Fair
 December 31, 2007 New Years Needham
June, 2007 Newton Village Fair

The event was a fun 1 hour set in the sun with penty of youuns playing in the grass. Jackson played so well and Katherine added singing and harmonica to her piano playing. So great to see all of you who could make it - what a fun and mellow day!

 April 28, 2007 Private Party for Boyle
 March 30, 2007 Lincoln Street Coffee House Newton Highlands MA
 November 11, 2006 Needham Veteran's Day Peace Event
 October 13, 2006 YMCA Samaritan Benefit Concert
 July 25, 2006 Friendship Point Maine
 May 5, 2006 Lincoln Street Coffee Newton Highlands MA
 January 20, 2006 Lincoln Street Coffee Newton Highlands MA
 December 20, 2005 Roots Rock Live
 August 30, 2005 Roots Rock Live

Pat Keating and the Roots Rock People asked us back again - what a great group - and a great time - tune in!

 August 14, 2005 Hanover NH Street Festival

We played after our old friend Paul Gardner and his band at the street festival in Hanover again this year. This year we had sun not rain and the crowd was happy and large - unlike last year. Jackson blew the horn well and we had the experince of listening to another artist do a version of one of our songs we had performed the prior year later in the day. Really awesome.

 July 30, 2005 Murphy's Pub and Hanover Street Festival

Well this was a good time - though soggy. We played twice - once at the Bema which is a very special place for dartmouth alums and once at Murphy's which is alo important but for different reasons. In any event the whole event was the start of something we hope will grow and it was a real chance for Jackson Jackson to play out again and it was a kick to be in the bar playing for folks hiding out from the rain.

 July 30, 2005 Sy's of course
 June 11, 2005 Wickersham's (Alison and Walter)
 August 22, 2004 Needham Congo

We played Show me the way, Morning Coffe and Love is alive in church today and it was a very spiritual experience. Jackson's improvisation shows real promise and show me the way - his first song writing effort - was the talk of coffee hour.

 July 31, 2004 Sy's